Meet the Board of Directors

Susan G. Komen Northwest NC is a 501(c)(3) organization as determined by the IRS.  We are a public charity, not a private foundation.  As with any nonprofit organization, we are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  Currently, we have sixteen board positions.  Terms are two years, and the board meets every other month throughout the year.

Board of Directors 2016-2017

Executive Committee

Carla Strom, President

As Health Equity Program Manager of the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Wake Forest University and a young adult breast cancer survivor, I know both personally and professionally the significant impact breast cancer can have on an individual, their family and the community.   By dedicating my time to fulfilling the mission of organizations such as the Komen Northwest NC affiliate as a board member and committee volunteer, I am doing my part to one day end breast cancer forever.



Christine Braa, Vice President

Christine Braa,
Vice President


My family has been impacted and forever changed by breast cancer. I look forward to the day we have a cure. Until then, I want to help educate and spread the word of Komen to women and men in this community and beyond.




Ashley Kohlrus, Secretary


It is an honor for me to volunteer with the Komen Northwest North Carolina affiliate and serve with others who are passionate about Komen’s mission to eradicate breast cancer. Like so many, my immediate family has been stricken with breast cancer more than once. Serving on the board gives me an opportunity to hopefully help others in my community.




Members at Large

LaShonda Hairston

LaShonda Hairston


It is my pleasure to serve an organization like Susan G. Komen Northwest NC as I know it has an impact in my local community.  I serve in memory of my aunt Rev. Conita Archie Hunt who passed away from breast cancer the year my son was born.   In remembering her legacy and her fight, I advocate for those who have survived their journey and for those who because of their life, we are more aware, more encouraged and empowered to find a cure.


Roberta King Latham, President

Roberta King Latham


I am a breast cancer survivor, diagnosed at age 33, who was very private about my breast cancer journey before becoming a volunteer with Komen Northwest NC.  I am so lucky to have had access to needed diagnostic tools and treatment resources during my journey, but there are women and men who aren’t as lucky.  Komen Northwest NC has given me the freedom to talk about my journey, to help others and to show that young women can develop breast cancer.


Chuck Kraft

Chuck Kraft


I joined the Susan G. Komen NWNC Affiliate Finance Committee out of curiosity to see how a National organization operates as one legal entity and because Karl Yena asked me to.  I stayed and moved up to the Board of Directors because of the passion and commitment of the volunteers and the staff to find a cure for breast cancer.  Although not breast cancer, I lost my Mom to renal cell cancer in 2002.  My hope and passion in her memory is that as soon as we cure breast cancer the medical community can move on the next cancer to beat!



Alisa Plymale


While serving on the board is somewhat personal for me because, my mom is a breast cancer survivor, I also feel that by serving on this board, it allows me the chance to expand my horizons and celebrate diversity. Also, by serving on the board, I feel like I have inspired others to get involved to make a positive change in the community. I have invited my friends to become a part of Komen and serve on a committee that I chair.




Shinika McKiever

I serve Susan G Komen Northwest NC because I believe in the mission of the organization. The staff is passionate, dedicated, and committed. The work of Komen Northwest NC truly makes an impact in our community and I am honored to be a part of such an awesome organization.





Dr. Marissa Howard-McNatt


Amanda H. Gargis

Breast cancer runs in my family, as it does in so many families, and impacts the lives of so many people. My grandmother, my mother-in-law, and her sister are all breast cancer survivors. I joined the Board of Directors of Susan G. Komen NWNC so that I could help, in some small way, to spread the word and the hope of a cure for this disease. It has been and continues to be my privilege to serve on this Board and watch the impact Komen makes in our community – from providing mammograms, education and outreach to our extended community, to raising money for research and treatment. Komen fosters a legacy of hope for the millions of people affected by breast cancer.


Vern Biaett

Gerry Blue

Marlon Hunter

Shinika McKiever

Tracy Myers

Chris Rice

Steve Swetoha