Barbara Ryan: Volunteer of the Month

Barbara Ryanby Megan O’Toole

Congratulations to this month’s Volunteer of the Month, Barbara Ryan!

Barbara is an inspirational contributor to our mission because of her willingness to assist in any Komen project, big or small. Barbara considers the Komen volunteers, staff, and survivors to be her “family”, and she supports this family by helping out in the Komen office several times a week. Barbara’s creative spirit has lead to the development of scrapbooks, birthday cards, and several other meaningful projects.

Barbara started volunteering at Komen when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer prior to her retirement. Barbara considers her diagnosis to be a blessing because she embraced Komen’s committed support system. Komen’s network of survivors has invigorated her to get involved in Komen Northwest NC’s events and fundraisers.

For the last ten years, Barbara has been a compassionate and resolute force on the Leadership Council, Health Fairs Committee, and
the Survivorship and Action Committee because she takes pride in volunteering in local communities. At Health Fairs, Barbara educates women about breast health and the various resources that Komen provides. Explaining healthy practices to local women and survivors inspires Barbara because she cares about the community members and believes that Komen’s most valuable resource is its participants.

As the new Face of High Point, Barbara is eager to spread her passion for Komen’s mission to women and survivors. Barbara is confident that she can utilize her faithfulness to saving lives to get others involved in Komen’s events.

Thank you for everything, Barbara!