Shades of Hope (African-American Outreach Committee)

The vision of Shades of Hope is – “To ensure that African-American communities within the Komen Northwest NC region are well informed and connected with agencies, organizations, and other resources (Komen; its partners, grantees, and sponsors) for the promotion of healthier lives specifically in the area of breast health.” The mission of Shades of Hope is – “Reach, teach, and empower African-American communities in all counties through breast health education initiatives involving collaboration with identified resources within all counties.”

In order to fulfill our mission, Shades of Hope will focus on the following priorities:

  • Facilitate the development and dissemination of culturally appropriate breast health and Breast Cancer information, education, and resources to the African-American Community through special programs, including but not limited to, Worship in Pink.
  • Increase access for African-American women and men to breast health screenings and treatment in a variety of ways.
    • Raise awareness of the importance of fundraising and its impact on access to breast health screening and treatment services.
    • Increase networking and access opportunities to breast health and Breast Cancer resources in African-American communities in the targeted counties identified in the Mission Action Plan for 2015-2019.
  • Encourage conversations, meetings, and other forums to maintain transparency and accountability by providing support and education to those interested in reducing the number of women suffering from Breast Cancer.
    • Play a critical role in the recovery of African-American survivors by assisting them in reclaiming the mastery of their lives by collaborating with the Survivorship in Action (SIA) Committee.
      • The SECU Family House partnership
    • Create supportive networks that facilitate open dialogue for men and women of color.

We are very excited about Shades of Hope and the positive impact this committee will have throughout our 22-county local service area! The committee meets quarterly but there are always volunteer opportunities available; to get involved please contact Sharon Fisher, Mission Outreach Manager, at

Click here for access to the African-American toolkit provided by Susan G. Komen® Headquarters.