Legacy Giving

You can support Susan G. Komen Northwest NC in a variety of ways, including through your estate.  Including Susan G. Komen Northwest NC in your estate plan will not only assist you in reaching and achieving your own philanthropic and charitable giving goals, but it will also allow YOUR local Komen Affiliate to continue its mission by educating 1,000’s on the importance of early detection through breast health education, and providing funds for mammograms, screenings and non-medical treatment services.

Planned Giving

There are many charitable planned giving options available to you.  For example, you can make a planned gift to us by naming Susan G. Komen Northwest NC as the beneficiary of your last will and testament, life insurance policy or retirement plan.

You can also name Susan G. Komen Northwest NC as a beneficiary of a charitable trust.  Your attorney or financial planner can advise you of the various types of charitable trusts and assist you in establishing a trust that is tailored to your personal needs and intentions.

Some of the above-mentioned planned giving strategies may have a greater tax benefit to you than others, so please consult with your attorney or financial planner on which strategy would work best for you.

Should you have any questions regarding the donation of certain gifts please call Susan G. Komen Northwest NC at 336-721-0037.  Also, please review Susan G. Komen Northwest NC’s “Gift Acceptance Policy”.