Meet the Spring 2016 Interns

We are pleased to introduce our team of interns for the Spring 2016 term!

Johanna is a senior at High Point University, and she has been working with Komen Northwest NC for over a year now. Johanna is a huge fan of the band One Direction, and her bright and comedic personality keeps everyone in the office in light spirits. Johanna started working at Komen Northwest NC because she wanted the experience of working at a non-profit, but she has stayed on because she loves the staff and considers them family! Johanna is also dedicated to Komen’s mission, and she says that, “My favorite part of interning is working with the volunteers and staff and my favorite event is the week leading up to Race and of course, Race Day!” Johanna is currently organizing items for the Live and Silent Auction for the Pink Tie Ball, which is on Saturday, March 19.
Johanna Platt
Alex Moiseenko is a junior at the University of North Carolina Greensboro, where she majors in Communications. Alex has played on the Women’s Soccer team at UNCG, and she developed a knack for being an enthusiastic team player. Alex became interested in working at Komen Northwest NC because she wanted to give back to the cancer community that supported Alex’s mother when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. During her time at Komen Northwest NC, Alex has helped the staff to find donors for the Pink Tie Ball. Alex’s generosity and determination inspires the staff to stay ahead on all of the current projects.

Alex M

Meghan Ford is a senior at Salem College, and she loves apple pie! Meghan was eager to join the team at Komen Northwest NC because she is very interested to work in the non-profit sector, and she is also passionate about women’s rights. Therefore, she was excited to partner with Komen to help women in local communities. Meghan says that her, “favorite part about interning at Komen is getting to know all of the amazing people who are involved in the organization and their stories. I’m also really excited to participate in Race for the Cure for the first time this year!” Meghan is currently gathering resources to provide for cancer patients in Komen’s 22 service counties.

Meghan Ford

Alex Irvine is a senior at Wake Forest University, and she has been working for Komen Northwest NC since September 2015. Alex lived in Tokyo for seven years, and she can speak fluent Japanese. Alex was drawn to working for Komen Northwest NC because her mother passed away in 2006 from cancer, and Alex’s mother always supported Komen races. While at Komen, Alex has taken the initiative to lead the “Teams” for the Race for The Cure on May 7th. Alex believes that, “my favorite part about working at Komen is meeting survivors and hearing their stories. It’s amazing and makes every second worth it.”

Alex Irvine

Megan O’Toole is a senior at Wake Forest University, where she is a double major in Communications & History. Megan has a passion for film and television, and she hopes to pursue a career in Media & Entertainment following her college graduation in May. Megan was drawn to the internship at Komen Northwest NC because she believes that the mission is not only inspiring to local women, but it also has an active role in providing support and resources to breast cancer survivors. Megan’s favorite aspect about working for Komen is being surrounded by the supportive energy of the staff, and the positivity of Komen’s survivors. Megan is currently working on keeping the social media profiles current for the Pink Tie Ball and the Race for the Cure.

Megan O'Toole

Whitney Thompson is a senior at High Point University, and she has visited India! Whitney wanted to get involved with Komen Northwest NC because she thinks it is a wonderful organization, and she wanted to spread awareness about breast cancer. Whitney says that her favorite part about working at Komen is that, “the people I work with are amazing and make me feel like I am apart of something bigger than my self.” Whitney is currently organizing a list of companies to raise money for the Race for the Cure on May 7th.

Whitney Thompson