Patricia Flowers: Volunteer of the Month


Congratulations to our October Volunteer of the Month, Dr. Patricia Flowers! Patricia is an amazing volunteer, mother, sister, friend, and SURVIVOR! Patricia currently serves as the secretary for the Shades of Hope African-American Outreach Committee. She understands the importance of educating the African-American community on breast health and early detection and sharing our mission at Komen Northwest NC.
The staff at Komen Northwest NC can always count on Dr. Flowers for anything we may ask. From radio and television interviews to presentations at Winston-Salem State University, Patricia can do it all! She continues to smile and laugh through all of the crazy requests and loves attending different outreach events.
We appreciate all of your hard work Dr. Flowers, and we look forward to having you as a 2017 Face of Breast Cancer! Be on the lookout to see what awesome work that she will do next in our community.