Mission Update: Pink 4 Lunch

Pink 4 Lunch Standard Use (Digital Only)

Our Mission Outreach team is currently working to implement a new event in our 22-county service area, Pink4Lunch. Designed to educate community members about breast health and the importance of early detection of breast cancer, Pink4Lunch addresses the high breast cancer mortality rates among women in our area. We believe that breast health education and awareness can change lives.

We encourage any business or organization in our 22-county service area to participate in the Pink4Lunch program and spread the life-saving message about early detection.

Pink4Lunch is scheduled during a break, typically from 12-1pm at a participating business or organization. Susan G. Komen Northwest NC will provide up to two speakers, a PowerPoint presentation, educational handouts, and special gifts to raffle! In order for the session to be held, we ask for a minimum of 15 people to attend.

We are currently looking for businesses or organizations to host a Pink4Lunch. We are offering 18 sessions throughout our service area over the next 12 months so if you or your business is interested in hosting a Pink4Lunch, please register soon. To register, please visit our website: komennorthwestnc.org. The deadline for registration is four weeks before the event date. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ebony Pratt at 336-721-0037.

We hope to partner with your business or simply see you at one of our Pink4Lunch events. Together we can make an impact by saving lives!

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