Rhonda Caviness: Volunteer of the Month

Rhonda Caviness Picture
Congratulations to this month’s Volunteer of the Month, Rhonda Cavinesss! Rhonda is the chair of the Speakers Bureau as well as the African American Outreach Committee, which she helped form from a task force over the past year.

To establish the African American Outreach Committee, Rhonda led the task force in defining an effective vision and set of priorities. Rhonda motivates others to stay on top of their projects through her drive and dedication. Rhonda’s enthusiasm extends beyond just African American Outreach committee to other Komen projects because she is passionate about all facets of Komen’s mission.

Rhonda started volunteering for Susan G. Komen Northwest NC after her dear friend, Tammie Cuthrell, passed away in 2013 from breast cancer. To honor Tammie’s memory, Rhonda started the Pink Gem Foundation. This foundation raises awareness about breast cancer and the resources that are available to survivors. Although she isn’t a breast cancer survivor, Rhonda’s profession as a nurse is a crucial asset to both Pink Gem and African American Outreach.

Given her background in the medical field, Rhonda developed a helpful “Stages of Breast Cancer Fact Sheet” to educate women about the different stages of breast cancer. This fact sheet is incredibly useful to educate women about the stages of cancer and the importance of early detection.

We are so grateful for Rhonda’s unwavering dedication to Komen’s mission, her willingness to assist with various committees, and projects large or small. Thank you, Rhonda!