Roberta King Latham: Volunteer of the Month

Roberta King Latham, Vice President

Congratulations to Roberta King Latham, this month’s Volunteer of the Month! Roberta is a survivor who currently serves as the Vice President of Komen Northwest NC’s Board of Directors. Many do not realize that our Board is entirely comprised of volunteers who dedicate their time and skills to Komen Northwest NC. Roberta is an attorney whose legal perspective is essential to the oversight of the Affiliate.

Roberta is involved in many facets of Komen Northwest NC. In addition to Board VP, she is Past-Chair of the Public Policy/Advocacy Committee, which advocates for breast cancer-related policy issues. Roberta is very engaged in actively promoting Oral Parity in North Carolina, an important bill that would mandate insurance coverage for oral chemotherapy. Coverage for oral chemo would give cancer patients the option to avoid going to the hospital for each and every chemo treatment and decrease the disruption in their daily lives.

Within the Board of Directors, Roberta chairs the Board Development Committee. She recently revamped the committee and all of their documents to better orient new board members to the mission and operations of Komen Northwest NC.

Roberta served on the Strategic Planning Task Force, which developed a two-year plan for Komen Northwest NC to increase outreach and impact in the 11-county service area. She sits on the Affiliate Leadership Council, comprised of all committee leaders, to facilitate the execution of the Strategic Plan and share ideas across committees.

Roberta is truly an outstanding Komen Northwest NC volunteer. On top of everything else, Roberta has spoken on Komen Northwest NC’s behalf at several community events and makes every effort to attend Komen Northwest NC events and activities. She is truly selfless in her service and makes a huge impact in Northwest NC. Thank you, Roberta, for all you do!